Tuesday, 27 September 2016

The Hanging Cage (The Northminster Mysteries Book 4) by Harriet Smart

This is a great detective book set in the Victorian age. It starts with the investigation of a suspicious suicide and progresses from there. There's another suicide, a missing woman, and a very disturbing lord of the manor. I won't say any more!
The two main characters, Major Giles Vernon, and the police surgeon Felix Carswell are engaging, and the story moves swiftly. There are also some good subplots that add to character development.
Although I started with the fourth book in the series, I found I could read it without confusion. However I enjoyed it so much, I've already bought the first book of the series.
Great find, I'm looking forward to the rest.


The Lover's Portrait: An Art Mystery by Jennifer S. Alderson

Excellent read by a fellow indie author! This book is a mystery/thriller/detective story which deals with the restoration of art to their rightful owners (if they can be identified) following theft by the Nazis during the Second World War.
The story kept me engaged from the start; it deals with a fascinating time and an emotive subject. It's well written and has been well researched. I must admit it's a subject that fascinates and infuriates me equally. I can't understand how people can treat others so badly, and continue to do so over many years.
Great setting too. I've never visited Amsterdam before, but I think I'll add it to my 'to visit' list!
Zelda is a great lead character and I look forward to her future exploits.